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LJ Idol - Week 21 - Open Topic - Man Down

We realized right off that the girl was going to be a hard nut to crack. Usually it's easy - slap 'em around a little bit and they'll tell you anything you want to know. Knocks them out of the shock. Usually it doesn't take more than once, just one little pop on the cheek, and they're moaning and clutching their faces and pouring the whole sad story out at your feet.

But this girl was different, right from the start. For one thing, she was as hard and lean as any of the Army guys, all muscle and bone. And she didn't look down at her feet like the other detainees always do. She stared us right in the face, with her jaw set and her hands resting at her sides, like she was going to pull a knife any second. It was a little freaky, I don't mind telling you, even though we'd checked her for weapons before bringing her in (and you know how Raimey is - he probably checked her three or four times, jerking himself off the whole time). She didn't answer any questions, either, just glared at us with those crazy gray eyes of hers. When the lights hit them it was like there wasn't any color there at all, just white on white with a little black dot in the middle, stuck right on you. I can still see them, just like she's here in front of me, sitting where you are.

Well, the Cap got sick of the button-lips routine, and gave us the go ahead for a little rough stuff. It was mostly Porter that did it - he likes that kind of thing, but he doesn't do it too hard (like some of the other guys, who'd have her spitting teeth). Still, I did her a bit myself, just a couple of smacks. Let me tell you, she wasn't like any other woman I've ever done it to. She didn't make any noise, no noise at all, and she'd just ratchet her head around to face front again every time you popped her one. It was freaky, like I said, especially with the blood and all.

I still can't believe she offed those guys. Four guys! Army, too. And her only about five foot three. They found the whole pile of them out at Supply Depot 6, and her just sitting there, covered in blood, calm as you please. Like she was waiting to catch a bus or something. They'd been beaten to death, looked like, but I can't figure how she did it on all her own. I don't know how anybody could take out four Army without any weapons.

Cap figures she's got an accomplice somewhere, one of those asshole fringe types always making racket about the End of the World. That's why we did the rough stuff, to figure out where this other whackjob was so we could take him out. Usually those weirdo types are pretty peaceful - annoying as fuck, but it's not like they're gonna swing at you - but sometimes the real crazy ones can get violent. Something about being so close to the Brains just sets some people off. That's what the Cap thinks happened; one of those weirdos got too close to the Brains, and they set him off on the crazy stuff. He got the girl roped into it (you know how those conspiracy cult guys are, all those women around), and wham bam, four dead guys.

But let me tell you something, I don't think there is an accomplice. Something about the way that girl looked at me, I think she did it herself.

At first I thought that she might be one of them, the Brains. Army says they've got them all locked up, snug as a bug in those bunkers, but I don't see why one of them couldn't have flown under the radar. I'm thinking that the girl is a Brain, and she told those guys to beat each other to death, sweet as you please, in that voice they use. Remember that? In training? I can still remember what that Brain said to me, right inside my head - "Jump, Walter. Jump. Jump." And I did it, too, jumped clean off the rail of that catwalk. I was only lucky that it wasn't that high.

We all did what they said, didn't we? You did it, too, I can tell by your face. That was the point of the training, Cap said, to show us what we were up against if they should ever get loose. We can't fight them, not with what they can do. And the Army says they've got it under control, but those fuckers are something serious. I don't see how they can think that guns and a bunker could keep them out. If the Army can't stop them, what are we supposed to do? No little militia outfit is going to stop those things.

That's why we're all here, because of them. They started popping up out of nowhere, messing with people's heads, and the whole world went to shit. People blowing themselves up, blowing each other up, blowing whole countries up! And the Army just can't let it go, thinks those things can be fixed to work for us. Rewired to tell all the terrorists to shove grenades up their asses and we'll be in the clear - the ol' US of A, on top again. Well, I don't think so. If you ask me, all the Brains should be exterminated. Just wiped out, every last one. I remember what that thing sounded like, inside my head. I'll never forget it as long as I live.

Why are you looking at me like that, anyway? You know what I'm saying is true. I had a life before those things showed up, a real life. I was a banker, just a regular Joe, and it was great. It was fucking great and I didn't even see it. One day there I was, going to work and drinking lattes and eating McDonald's and the whole bit, and the next there are the headlines about these psychic motherfuckers getting into people's heads and making them do stuff - crazy stuff. People dying all over the place, suicides and shootings and bombings and who knows what else.

Now we're all stuck here, what's left of us, in these shitty Army compounds, doing whatever shitty jobs they assign us. Fucking militia! I'd never fired a gun in my life until I got here. All because of those fucking Brains! It drives me crazy! Sometimes I don't know what I'm even doing anymore. I just feel like I'm going nuts.

I'll tell you what I'd like to do that girl, I'd like to kill her myself. I can even see how I'd do it. I'd put my hands around her neck first, and then I'd shake her, I'd shake her so hard her teeth would rattle together, and then I'd throw her down on the floor and hit her, again and again. I'd beat her like those guys were beat, until the blood spewed out of her. All over the floor and all over me and all over everything! And I'd just keep on hitting her, even when she'd gone all limp and soft, because of what she did - what they all did! Fuck her, fuck the Brains, fuck it all!

Hey... hey, man... what are you doing? What are you doing down there? You all right, man? What the fuck... are you okay?

Oh, God. Oh, God, what did I do?


This week's Idol prompt contained an intersection challenge! This round, all of the remaining contestants will be working with a partner. My partner is [ profile] supremegoddess1, who wrote a companion piece to this one. Her entry is HERE, and it is absolutely amazing. Our vote totals will be tallied together this week, so do read and give us any love you can spare :)

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