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Hey, Game of Thrones/ASOIAF fans! Remember when we did that fun character meme a little while ago? That was good times!

We should do it again! But this time... with houses! I know that many of you are a part of [ profile] westerosorting, but I also know that you can never be sorted too many times. I love it, you love it, we all love it. So let's play!

Simply put your username in the comments and your friends will tell you what Westerosi House we think you belong in! This will be a public post, so feel free to link on your journals if you want other friends to come and comment.

The last meme was such fun, and I hope this one goes well, too! Jump in!
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Hey, let's play a game!

Today I was thinking about ASOIAF/Game of Thrones and which characters I identify with versus how other people see me, and I thought... why not do one of those fun character memes?

So, here's the idea: leave a comment here and I will tell you which ASOIAF character you most remind me of! Hopefully all of us who are friends will get involved, too, so multiple people will comment on each person's thread and tell them what they think. I'll leave this post public, in case you want to link from your journal so other friends can give you their thoughts as well! See if others see you the way you see yourself!

I'm not trying to make this a huge meme (though I don't mind if that happens - I just always fail when that's what I shoot for) - just a friendly little game amongst fans. Hopefully I will not be the only one commenting, lol.

And... go!


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