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Friends Only

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Hello, internet! This journal is friends only. If you are interested in adding me, there are some things you should know. I am:

  • a woman
  • very liberal
  • geeky
  • girly
  • a teacher
  • into fitness and healthy living
  • pretty awesome anyway, most of the time

All of these things will figure pretty heavily into what I write here, so if you're down with all of that, feel free to comment and I'll most likely add you. If not, well. The internet is a vast and varied place, and I hope you find what you're looking for.


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Oh wait. :) Sorry, I just wanted to break in your new post. ;)

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Keep meeeeeee.

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I'm not removing anybody, no worries! :D I don't do large-scale friends cuts. This is just for future reference ;D

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I want to stay on your flist!

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Haha, it's cool, I'm not cutting anyone. This is just my FO post now that I've switched over. :)

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I love that banner. Lovely to see it being put to good use.

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It is gorgeous!

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Hi! We're both in H_E, and have a lot of mutual friends, and will both be at Portus, so I was wondering if I might friend you so that we can get to know each other a little before the con! I'm so excited to meet other H_E people. :)

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That sounds awesome! I'll friend you back :D I can't wait to meet you at Portus!

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I looooved the secrets thing. : )

I'm a bit late to this party I guess but hey, can we be friends?

Plus you founded a super-interesting community group thing, so I guess I just wanna see what you're all about. : )

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Sure! :) I'm always up for new friends.

[identity profile] 2008-08-03 08:27 pm (UTC)(link)
HAI THAR. I added you because I'm at the Puff meetup and everyone here has you friended and says they love you so they commanded I add you (not really, they said you were awesome and so I was like OMG MUST FRIEND even when I'm going through a defriending process right now *cough*). :D

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Tell 'em I love 'em, not that they don't know it ;)

And friended, natch!

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ahoy-hoy! wanna be friends? :D I've seen you around H_E a bunch, and always thought you were quite fun and interesting. not but if you've seen me around at all, but there you have it!

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Why, sure! :D I always love a new friend!

[identity profile] 2008-08-21 04:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, I'm a Puff over at H_E, and many of my friends are yours too.
Besides you always seem like a person I'd like to know better, so friends?

[identity profile] 2008-08-21 04:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Absolutely! Friends it is! :)

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You've been invited to join a secret comm for someone special on your f-list. Check your invites (
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Would you mind if I friended you?

[identity profile] 2008-08-28 12:47 am (UTC)(link)
Not at all! I'll add you back.

Team Nagini!

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Hai thar. May I friend you? XD

Re: Team Nagini!

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But of course! I'll add ya back :)

Go Team Nagini!

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Tis be Beth from LJ and Twitter, friends, svp?

[identity profile] 2009-01-22 09:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Of course! :D

[identity profile] 2009-02-23 10:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi Allison, it's Alyson! We met at Roundup this weekend, and word round the campfire was that you also LJed!

[identity profile] 2009-02-24 12:59 am (UTC)(link)
Well, hi there! It's true, I'm an LJ fiend. And now an LJ friend as well!

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Here since I saw your quote on [ profile] metaquotes and was a smidge curious when "teacher" was mentioned...I, too, am a student teacher! Would you mind if I friended you? :)

[identity profile] 2009-04-03 02:47 am (UTC)(link)
No problem! :) Always nice to meet a fellow teacher-in-training!

[identity profile] 2009-04-17 08:25 am (UTC)(link)
Hallo there,

Thought I'd pop along to your journal as I know you're good friends with rougebasier, hope you don't mind. Had a look at your interests and we definitely have some things in common so....wanna be my friend?

[identity profile] 2009-04-19 04:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Of course! One can never have too many friends. Added!

[identity profile] 2009-07-06 03:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Hiya!! :3 Might you add me?

[identity profile] 2009-07-07 02:11 am (UTC)(link)
It looks like we already are friends!

Now I am confused...

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Ain't a problem with "Friends Only." I pretty much stick to "Friends Only" myself. And I'm proud to be a part of a coterie.

[identity profile] 2009-11-17 06:04 am (UTC)(link)
Hi! I am Izzy from Hogwarts Elite. I friended you because you seem like a highly interesting character. ^_^

[identity profile] 2010-08-20 04:29 am (UTC)(link)
Hi there. You and I seem like we have a bit in common and your journal looks lovely. Friends?

[identity profile] 2010-08-20 11:46 am (UTC)(link)
Sure! :) I always love a new friend. Added you back.

[identity profile] 2010-08-24 02:43 am (UTC)(link)
hola - my name is angela. i added you on my friends. i'm fairy green when it comes to lj, but i wanna meet some new peeps :)

[identity profile] 2010-08-27 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
Hello - I'll add you back! :)

[identity profile] 2010-09-17 01:10 pm (UTC)(link)
[ profile] augustuscaesar highly recommended that I add you as a friend, and looking at your profile I think we'd get along. Mind if I add you? :)

[identity profile] 2010-09-17 11:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Not at all! I will add you back! :)

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Hi, Lana and Tara seem to think we would like each other. Care to be friends?

[identity profile] 2010-10-17 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
Sure :)

[identity profile] 2010-11-30 12:47 am (UTC)(link)
I've really enjoyed your posts and think we have some things in common. Mind if I add you?

[identity profile] 2010-11-30 01:33 am (UTC)(link)
Sure! :) I'll add you back!

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I found you through a friend's LJ-Idol post, and read through your past Idol-writings. Your entries about going to church and cutting loose a man who used you spoke to me so, so much - I have been in the same places - and was wondering if I may please friend you?

AngelVixen :-)

[identity profile] 2011-01-11 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
Absolutely! I will friend you back :)

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