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How About Them Apples? ([personal profile] applespice) wrote2012-03-05 08:57 pm
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End of a sort-of era

Well, I am getting eliminated in LJ Idol tonight. I usually post my entries on Monday evening just a little ways before the deadline, that way I have ample time to write, look over what I've written, reconsider, and then finally post. Unfortunately, tonight was Report Cart Pickup at school. I still would've made it... but then there was an unexpected meeting for the class I sponsor. I didn't even get out of work until after the deadline had passed.

This isn't exactly the way I planned to go out - I'm extremely competitive and am pretty much always in it to win it, so I'll confess to being a bit depressed. LJ Idol has been a fun and wonderful way for me to practice and hone my writing and I'll really miss that. I wish I could say I'll definitely Home Game, but I'm so busy that most of what has been motivating me to stay on track is the deadline (you know, the one I just missed... lol). Still, I may try and keep up just to keep improving my skills.

For those of you I met this year through Idol, it's been a blast. To those of you still in the game, good luck!

LC, why do you ruin all of the good things??

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