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LJ Idol - Week 10 - Sticks and Stones

Clay, twigs, and a drop of blood. Ancient, eldritch words. Spells pressed into the loam, each fingerprinted whorl transformed into a vein of power. A buzz in the air, a tingle along the boy's down-soft cheek. An awakening.

"Hello," said the golem, sitting up on the desk.

"Hello," said Kyle, his fingers shaking. It had worked.

The golem blinked. In the imprints Kyle had made for its eyes, tiny blue fires seemed to glow. "Where are we?"

"My room."

The golem nodded. "Naturally. And what is your name, Master?"

Kyle was afraid, there was no doubt of it, but a hot thrill went through him to hear the golem call him that. "Kyle."

"And what is mine?"

"You don't have one already?"

The golem was up and walking, exploring Kyle's notebooks and pencils. It sat down on a worn-shapeless pink eraser and regarded Kyle with the blue flames that were its eyes. "I suppose I've had several, but I don't remember them. Each new Master must name me in his or her turn. For each new shape, a new name."

Kyle wondered who the golem served before, and when. A boy like him? Driven by desperation and fear and perhaps under those things, loneliness and longing? The man who had spoken to him as he wept behind the library, the man who had given him the book?

"Hero," he said. The golem nodded again.

"It will do. And why have you summoned me, Master?"

Kyle did not know how to tell about the boys and the bruises. The shouted slaps and the whispered cuts that were even worse. The fights his parents didn't think he heard, the way the girls at school laughed when he passed by. He didn't know how to explain about sixth grade or disappointed teachers or eating lunch behind the dumpsters because there was no one to sit with.

He thought for a long time but Hero said nothing, only watched. He sat so still that he might be only clay and dirt, pebbles and sticks again.

"To protect me," he whispered, and felt the shame of tears behind his eyes. He wondered if Hero knew tears, understood them. "To be my friend."

"Friendship is protection," Hero said.

"I've never had a friend, not a real one."

"I am as real as sticks and stones," said Hero, standing. "And now you have me."

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This was sweet. I also liked how you showed his size :) He sounds like he will be an excellent friend.

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I hope so :) Kid needs a friend!

And thank you!

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I could have used a "Hero" of my own, back in high school.

I liked the idea of this being possible:)

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Most of us could use one now and again, I think! I know I could.

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes! :)

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They certainly do!

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I like it. (=

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Thank you!

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:D I'm glad you liked it!

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I really love your writing. It's not just flowery prose - there are actual characters with ~feelings~ whom we come to care about in an incredibly short time!

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Thank you so much! This made me grin :D

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I like how simple and sweet this is, especially because from the beginning I expected it to be all creepy and horror-ish.

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Thank you! I do love the morbid stuff, but sometimes I can be sweet, too :)

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I loved this.

So well done. I wish I had had a hero.

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Thank you! And honestly, me too.

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I like this! Sixth grade is pretty sucky. I can relate. AW

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Thank you! Sixth grade is the worst.

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Amazing as always :D

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Thank you so much! :)

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There is a desperation in this so easily understood, and such simplistic redemption... very relateable... really well done.

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Thank you!

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This was unexpected! I liked it. I expected something creepy from the beginning, but was surprised by the way it went.

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Sometimes even I can tone down the creepiness! ;) Thanks!

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Aw, nice. I liked this - the golem sounds like a good friend!

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Thank you!

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Awww. Sometime friends appear -just when you need them!

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They do, don't they? I just wish everyone could experience that :)

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This is really great! I love the mythos of the Golem and your version of it is so sweet :)

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Thank you! Ever since I read a book with a Golem when I was in school, I've wanted one :)

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I really enjoy this take on the topic, and the way that you worked the description of the golem into the action. Really nicely written.

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Thank you!

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I love the angle you took on this. It's a brilliant idea and you execute it so well.

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Thank you so much :)

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So touching. I want a tiny golem, too.

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Great job doing so much in such a few words - well-told, and I'd love to know what happens next! My favorite part is where you show how Kyle got the book - I could see the whole scene in my head even though it's not even a whole sentence here! Now I also want a tiny golem :) Have you read Terry Pratchett's FEET OF CLAY?

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How sweet! I'd love to hear what they get up to together.

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friendship is protection

oh god this made me tear up for reasons I can't even get into

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Aww, sometimes heroes come from unexpected places.
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Very nicely done! I like the different look at the prompt. :)

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I've never thought of golems as particularly sweet before, but this one was. 8)

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I really liked this piece. And I admire Kyle's restraint... I would have been sorely tempted to unleash Hero and send him on a bloody rampage. :-)